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Maddies® Shelter Compass

Maddies® Fund is a family foundation created in 1994 by Workday co-founder Dave Duffield and his wife, Cheryl, who endowed the Foundation with more than $300 million.

Our technical team helped to develop a database-driven application for the analysis of animal shelter data of over 300 government run shelters across the United States. The application provides a streamlined data visualization toolkit to deliver at a glance analysis of adoptions and outcomes data, including critical calculations on the rates of euthanization and live release outcomes of various shelters. A proprietary algorithm analyzes a shelter's data in order to create a life saving roadmap which provides invaluable step by step guidelines tailored to a specific shelter in order to maximize the chance of an animal's live outcome from the shelter.

The application also serves as a lead generation tool to gather information of shelter professionals and consultants to guide harm reduction efforts in the future, helping industry leaders reach out to struggling shelters through grant opportunities.

  • Client Maddies® Fund
  • Location California, US
  • DateJuly 2019
  • CategoryWeb Development

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