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Handlebartender App

Can't decide on a drink? Handlebartender has you covered. Handlebartender utilizes a sophisticated closest match algorithm to serve cocktail suggestions to its users based on a proprietary 'taste profile.' After the closest matches are generated a user can select a potential cocktail they are interested in, displaying the recipe and ingredients to them. Cocktail recipes dynamically update based on the number of cocktails the user wishes to make.

The dynamic application is controlled by a master admin who enters ingredients in an administrative backend, attaching ingredients and other resources to specific cocktails.

Additionally, end users can favorite cocktails and opt-in for recipes emails sent directly to their email account.

Handlebartender was heavily optimized for mobile devices as a single page application (SPA) with minimal page refreshes. This modern design practice was accomplished by leveraging Vue.js routing and an API driven by the PHP framework Laravel.

  • Client Handlebar Spirits
  • Location California, US
  • DateFebruary, 2019
  • CategoryMobile Development

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